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Gannett Case Study

“It was incredibly easy to get up and running, and generating revenue. It’s surpassed our expectations.”
Kate Walters - Sr. Director of Consumer Platform Products, Gannett

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Turn your site’s content into revenue.

Diversify your site's revenue streams with Google Opinion Rewards. Your visitors complete short, user-friendly surveys in exchange for access to your content. And that goes straight to your bottom line.

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Put your site to work for you.

See how surveys can unlock new revenue streams.

Create additional revenue without advertising.

Show user-friendly surveys to your site visitors. When they complete the surveys, they’ll see your content. And you’ll earn revenue.

Enjoy easy setup.

Add surveys to your site with just a few lines of code, then choose when and where users see survey prompts.

Access detailed reports.

Easily track your progress with detailed online reports.

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Gannett finds new ways to monetize their content with Google Opinion Rewards.

Hitched Magazine

See how an online magazine profits from double-digit RPMs by using Google Opinion Rewards for Publishers.

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